Monday, January 12, 2009

Welcome! (and guidelines)

Welcome! For our first post, we will not feature a recipe, but a few general guidelines. If you are an author, please read!

*This blog is open to the public, but we prefer to keep some privacy! Please do not indicate our hometown, (southern california is OK), our last names, etc. Just be respectful of each other's anonymity.

*When you post a recipe, a photo is not required, but it sure is nice! If you totally forget the picture, you can go back and add it in a few days later.

*Please try and use a label that already exists (click "show all"at the bottom of the post option) so we will have some sort of organization for our recipes. Click as many as apply (for example: soup, crockpot, beef).

*Comments are really fun, if you try a recipe, leave a comment and let us know how it went.

*We want all kinds of recipes: fast and easy, kid friendly, fancy, challenging, let's have a little of everything.

*Have fun with it! Can't wait to try all your new recipes!

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